Have you ever tried buying cocoa without a cup to hold it, or sending a plate in a plastic bag via a parcel terminal? The creators of the YouTube channel ‘Sina otsustad’ (‘You decide’) attempted this and, well… they say broken shards bring good luck.

Your choice of packaging can decide the fate of an entire product! No matter how beautiful or expensive the product inside the package is, if the packaging is discoloured, of a low-quality print or falls apart when you touch it, then it is likely that the other packaging that is strong, beautiful and vibrant will be chosen at the store.

A printing house can help you choose the right packaging. We are specialists who advise our customers on materials, colours, glues and everything related to post-production. Customers can breathe a sigh of relief that they don’t need to learn packaging science, and the end result is a perfect package that meets every established goal: it looks fantastic, it is strong enough that the bottom doesn’t fall out due to the weight and it measures up alongside the product!

The production of a single type of packaging can take up to 10 people; sometimes an even larger team. All so we can then go to the store, look on proudly and say – we made this!

Helen Raudsepp
Sales Manager at K-Print