Despite of uncertain and difficult times around us, we’re proud to say that Estonian printing industry has a strong vision for the future and is investing in sustainability and innovation.

Press release from Kprint:

During these complicated times where energy and resource efficiency are more important than ever, we are extremely happy to let you know that we are replacing our much-loved Heidelberg offset press to with a brand new, faster and an even better Heidelberg XL106 offset press.

The global print market is changing rapidly, everyone is expected to deliver more with less. Whether it is delivery times, quality, efficiency, or environmental impact – we can’t make any compromises. The requirements set by both the market and we ourselves are getting higher and higher. Due to the technological advancements and the growing demand for our services we decided to switch the current five color Heidelberg CX102 to an eight color Heidelberg XL106. The investment will significantly increase our efficiency and quality while having a smaller environmental impact.

As being efficient is vital in the industry, that´s one of the main reasons for the upgrade. The new press will increase our production capacity by 250% and that will make us more competitive in both long and short runs. The make ready times will be reduced by more than 50%. Thanks to the new press having a perfector, the production times are reduced by at least 50% as well.

Another big benefit is the significantly lower environmental impact we will have. The machine itself is CO2 neutral. Additionally as the color measurement is done automatically inline we expect to reduce waste percentage by 5-7%. That means we will save more than 100 tons of paper that´s equal to 50 tons of CO2 emissions every year.

The new XL106 comes with a completely new platform which is the flagship of Heidelberg. We have chosen all the extras necessary to ensure the best possible print quality and color consistency. Thanks to that we can meet even the highest quality demands. And as a cherry on top, we will also be adopting the ISO 12647 for color management.

This upgrade is not the only way we´re trying to save energy. We will take a deep look at all the internal processes to ensure the highest possible efficiency. We urge everybody to make steps towards being more efficient than ever.

The XL106 will be installed at Kprint in March-April 2023.

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